The Evolution of Electric Vehicles in Australia

Within the next 5 years electric vehicles will become cheaper to buy than combustion engine vehicles. This is mainly due to the lower price of battery and the increase in technology.


The battery cost will decrease from an average of $176/kWh today to $94/kWh by 2024 and estimated to become $62/kWh by 2030 (BloombergNEF).


There is currently 5 million electric vehicles sold to date worldwide. The implementation of government incentives will help facilitate the purchase of Electric Vehicles and work towards the integration of even more electrical vehicles.


But how does the decision of purchasing an electric vehicle already impact you? Your business? Or where you can travel and recharge your electric vehicles on the go?


Having a charging station at home will depend highly on your capacity to provide power to it. Does it need to be single phase or three phase?


Charging times can vary from 23 minutes for the very high speed and high power usage charging station to 8hrs for charging stations plugged into wall socket. Everything in between needs to fit into your home energy infrastructure.


Moving towards EVs will also improve public health by preventing the 1,700 deaths that occur from asthma each year. It is important for Australia to take action as we are the third largest contributor of emissions in the world (Ecogeneration).


What does this mean for us in the future?


Do we need to increase our supply charge? Should we optimise our current situation? Is it necessary to find a charger that can just fit in and be automatically managed based on our demands?


At Eco Efficient House we can help solve these problems for you and make sure you choose a charging station that will:


Suit your home energy profile

Suits your car(s) requirements

Won’t impact your current comfort at home


Enquire about our energy health checks and Smappee products to find out more!

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