Save Power Around Your Home with Eco Efficient House

It is more important now than ever before to either start or continue to save power. With both energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions continuing to rise, there is no better time to start monitoring your energy usage, or to get started with home automation and smart home tech for around your home. It is recommended to get an energy health check regularly to ensure your appliances stay up to date and you continue to get the best energy savings for around your home.

Home Automation & Smart Home Tech

The easiest way to monitor and maintain energy usage is with smart home tech and automation. Need help with setting up your smart home to save power? We are here to help!

Accompanied Monitoring

Save power around your home with our Accompanied Monitoring. We have a variety of offers available to suit every households needs.

Energy Montioring

We offer a variety of energy monitoring devices to help you save power around the home. Monitor everything from your pool to your bedroom.

Home Automation & Smart Home Tech

Save power around your home with our smart home automation assistance

Need help with your smart home automation? Imagine coming home and the lights turn on automatically? Or having the washing machine turn itself off while it waits to be hung out? Doing these little things around the home will help you save power and reduce your power bills.


Not sure how to automate? That’s why we are here to help! Our home automation and smart tech assistance services are personalised to you and what you need help with. 


Ready to take your power savings and smart home technology to the next level?

Accompanied Monitoring

The Eco Efficient House team, with its partners, can help you save power with our Accompanied Monitoring through monitoring and analysing your households energy consumption. We believe that energy monitoring is an important part of your day-to-day living. However, it can be quite overwhelming monitoring your own energy. Our Accompanied Motioning is the perfect solution!


What can Accompanied Monitoring do for you?

What does it include?

Visits are an essential part to the energy monitoring as they help us provide you with detailed data on your energy use. 

First Visit: is to help clearly define your energy usage and needs, goals you want to reach with your energy savings and well as going through what data we will provide, how we measure, etc.

Second Visit: We will walk through the data with you, step-by-step; breaking it down to help you understand. Here we will make personalised recommendations of implementations needed for energy savings.


Energy Montioring

Save power both around your home and in your pool area with our energy monitoring products. These products are modular so they can adapt to any type of energy need, household size or different pool maintenance needs. 

Energy efficiency is Smapppee's speciality

Smappee - Energy Monitoring System

Take your power savings to the next level with the Smappee ecosystem. It is an all-in-one energy management system that gathers data on solar production and energy, gas and water consumption.


"The Eco Efficient House team have been really helpful. They have a good range of products to efficiently monitor your consumption, as well as great tool to save time and money. They helped us to make the right choices. I highly recommend having a chat with them. It is worth it!"
"Great team to talk to about energy efficiency. They gave us a very comprehensive energy audit, and helped us save energy usage and on our power bill."