Reduce Power Bills in Your Home & Office with Smappee

World's best energy monitor

Smappee reduces power bills for commercial, industrial and residential energy usage. It is an all-in-one energy management system that gathers data on solar production and energy, gas and water consumption. Consult real-time and historical data in the Smappee App or Dashboard. Control appliances and loads to reduce your power bills.

Smappee Infinity.

Smappee Infinity.

Fast, accurate energy data.

Smappee collects real-time production and consumption data down to the appliance level. It does this by combining submetering clamps, the Smappee Switch, and its patented appliance recognition technology. 

Multiple ways to access your data.

Providers and users can access this data in multiple ways. There’s an API for integration with HEMS/BMS systems, a professional dashboard for in-depth analyses, and a user-friendly app for consumers.

Accuracy, down to the appliance level.

Smappee offers the most complete and comprehensive set of submetering options available on the market. Accurately submeter at the source by attaching current clamps to the distribution panel. Supplement with the Smappee Switch to submeter from the power outlet. Use Smappee’s patented NILM (Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring) to detect appliances and their estimated consumption by attaching a clamp on the power cable. 

Reduce power bills with the Smappee system

A modular solution for every energy need.

Reduce power bills by personalising your solution through picking and choosing the features and services you need. You can choose anything frrom smart EV charging and optimised self-consumption to Modbus energy metering for multi-sites. Do you need more control, data or services over time? No problem! Thanks to the modularity of Smappee Infinity, you can always build on the existing solution to meet your updated needs.

Find a solution that best fits your needs.
Reduce power bills with Smappee's IoT capabilities

Gateway to a world of IoT solutions.

Smappee is compatible with a wide variety of third party IoT products and services. Smappee partners with third parties to integrate its technology in their products or services such as EV charging stations, home assistants or home batteries. Smappee is compatiable with Amazon Alexa. 


Smappee uses Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, IP-based connections and standards such as IoT communication protocols MQTT and EEBUS, plus Modbus RTU to quickly develop new uses cases and speed up integrations.

Dynamic load balancing for optimised self-consumption and overload protection.

Smappee automatically reduces power bills through managing energy flows in the best possible way with the Smappee Output module, Smappee Switch or custom-created automations. For example, why not use your solar power for your heat pump instead of sending it back to the grid or store it in your home battery for later? Controlling your energy flows enables you to optimise energy efficiency and self-consumption, turning your building into a smart, decentralised power hub.

Reduce power bills and more with the Smappee energy monitoring system.
Here are a few other benefits...

Low-cost, quick installation.

Thanks to its quick and easy installation and low maintenance costs, Smappee Infinity’s total cost of ownership compares favourably with other competing solutions. The plug-and-play solution is robust and reliable, with hubs connecting current clamps (CTs) or Rogowski Coils. Spend less time on the setup and more time on reducing power bills. 

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