Smart Pool Monitor – Save Pool Maintenance Costs with Flipr

Flipr - pool monitoring

The smart pool monitor connected to keep your pool clean and beautiful all year around! No more water analysers. No more wasted cleaning products. Flipr helps you to finally enjoy your pool, without thinking about maintenance. It is the perfect addition to add to your smart home technology; making your home truly connected. Receive up to 20 updates per day via Bluetooth connectivity*. 


The Flipr smart pool monitor is perfect to pair with other smart home technology to help you reduce energy and maintenance costs. See our residential solutions for more information.


Do you maintain more than just your own pool? Contact us to see how Flipr can help your pool maintenance business. 

* Automatic updates via Sigfox coming to Australia late December 2020.

For chlorine, bromine and salt pools, and spas

Save up to 27% on
maintenance costs

Safe swimming for your

Flipr Start is the basic smart pool monitor

How does the Flipr Start swim?

Installing Flipr Start in your pool is a breeze and only takes a few minutes. Just follow the directions displayed in the app … and you’re ready to swim in your connected pool!


The smart pool montior that is always ready at your service.

Green water, sand in the pool, problems stabilising your water?

Our team of experts looks into the concerns you encounter and directly shares solutions through the Flipr App. 

Flipr is the pool monitor designed to last
Designed to last, and to endure.

Coming from the technologies used in underwater robotics, Flipr Start is designed to live all year round in your pool, by your side, in the midst of your dives. Its materials and design make it a discreet and solid accessory, which will find its place perfectly in your pool.

Flipr is more accurate than your test strips
89% more reliable than your test strips.

Flipr uses high-precision components, generally used in public swimming pools, to guarantee reliable results. For maximum comfort, Flipr works with a 3-year long-life battery. Easy to access, you can change these components yourself or contact us.



Service your pool with ease. 


No more squatting over the pool with your test strips once a month. Flipr analyses the quality of your pool water for you in real time.


Water temperature, disinfectant level and pH level can be updated every 75 minutes on your Flipr App. See the condition of your pool at a glance.

Flipr is the smart pool monitor already at work when you drop it in your pool
The smart pool monitor that tracks your pools health progress

A pool service book in your pocket.


Everything that happens in your pool is kept in the Flipr App. You can also manually record everything you do or observe in the pool:  suspected leakages, strong climatic event … or even your pool parties!

Ready to reduce your pool maintenance time and costs?

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