having the right energy contract can help you save on your power bill
Lara @ecoefficienthouse

Lara @ecoefficienthouse

3 Tips for Finding “Which energy contract is right for me?”

Today there are so many different energy contract providers on the market, it can be difficult to choose which one is right for your energy needs. Not only are there many different retailers, but they all have different plans, tariff rates and contracts. This can make it very confusing to compare energy plans or change to a more cost-effective plan. Most people do not even know what their tariff rate is!

We are here to take the confusion out of energy contracts. Here are a few tips to help you decide what energy contract is right for you and your energy needs:


Tip #1: Have a look into your current retailer / provider and what you should be looking for

Take a look at your last energy bill and see what types of daily supply charges and rates you are being charged. Don’t be surprised if there is more than one type of rate! This can also make reading your bill even more confusing. Retailers will usually provide a few different plans. The most common ones include:


  1. 1. A single flat rate
  2. 2. Multi-flat or block rate – pricing varies
  3. 3. Time of usage – prices vary based on time of use


energy contracts are personalised to you
  1. Your energy retailer may offer a different type of plans to these. Get in contact with your provider to see if that is the case for your contract. The energy contract and plan best suited to you will depend on your energy use. For those working at home, it might be good to consider the single rate plan. To get an accurate insight into what your current energy usage is (which will help you with what plan you should go with), we recommend implementing an energy monitoring system. Our go to is the Smappee energy monitor because of its modular ability to adapt to your changing energy needs.


    Tip #2: Compare costs accurately

    Based on the different plans above, pricing can be structured differently in each plan. Therefore, it is important to compare costs accurately. The universal measurement for energy is cents per kilowatt hour (c/KWh). When searching around for the best price for your energy needs, get prices in terms in of this measurement so that you are “comparing apples with apples”.

    Shopping around for the best price for your energy needs can be a timely task. Our energy experts can help you with this, as well as helping find you the right energy contract for your needs. Getting help with this task is highly beneficial for those who don’t have time to shop around, but still want to get the best price. Don’t forget to check the length of the contract too! Later on there may be a better deal, and you won’t be able to reap the benefits by being locked into a long contract.


    Tip #3: Consider the additional options that may be available with the energy contract 

    Once you have decided on a type of plan and found the most cost-effective option for your energy needs, consider the perks that come with the contract. This can range from green energy plans or free service protection plans. Choose incentives that will benefit your energy savings the most, or what your passionate about. For example, If you are eco-conscious, look into the green energy incentive.

    BONUS TIP: Have an energy expert to assist with the process

    We understand that shopping around for a new energy contract can be time consuming and stressful. That is why we are here to help. We offer a range of services to assist you with the entire process, from identifying your energy needs to making recommendations about which energy contract is right for you. Plus, we also check in regularly to ensure that you are getting the best energy savings.

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