Achieve a sustainable lifestyle and future for your family that you have always wanted. 

In order to do that, you need  to reduce your environmental impact.

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The lack of visibility and tangibility in measuring and seeing results from energy saving solutions is....

Problematic and frustrating. Feeling like money is wasted by not seeing results can leave you confused, lost, overwhelmed or even ripped off. Achieving a sustainable lifestyle should be a satisfying experience with a visible return on your investments.

Reducing your energy costs should not compromise your comfort and lifestyle

Your Energy Efficiency Solutions

Energy efficiency is Smapppee's speciality

Smappee - Energy Monitoring System

Take your energy efficiency to the next level with the Smappee ecosystem. Save on power bills in both the home and office. Plus automate your energy usage routines. Control appliances and loads to reduce your power bills.

Energy sustainability can be complicated, data intensive and time consuming

At Eco Efficient House we have energy experts with over 20 years experience...

Who can assist you with energy monitoring and energy consumption analysis to help you achieve a sustainable future. 

Here is how we do it:


A lot of homeowners are worried about not seeing visible results from their investment in energy efficiency solutions

With our energy monitoring solutions linked to online dashboards and mobile app, you will have the tools to see everything that is happening. That way you can start saving on your energy bills, reduce your environmental impact and start enjoying the sustainable lifestyle that you are looking for

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At Eco Efficient House we guarantee that we demonstrate how you can make real savings on your home’s energy bill without impacting your way of life.

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