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Eco Efficient House are the leaders in energy efficiency consulting and technology in Brisbane. We strive to constantly keep you and existing customers up to date with the latest technology, while also providing you with the highest quality products. Our products are from some of the most well known manufacturers across the globe.


Our team of dedicated energy efficiency experts who are committed to helping you save on energy usage and costs. Our experts are knowledgeable, and have been in the energy space for some time now, with over 10 years combined experience. They are passionate about helping and educating people on understanding energy use and sustainable energy practices for the future.

Our Energy Efficiency Products.

Energy efficiency is Smapppee's speciality

Smappee - Energy Monitoring System

Take your energy efficiency to the next level with the Smappee ecosystem. Save on power bills in both the home and office. Plus automate your energy usage routines. Control appliances and loads to reduce your power bills.

Flipr smart pool monitor - making your home more energy efficient

Flipr - Smart Pool Monitor

Save on your pool maintenance bills by up to 27%! With Flipr you can save both on pool cleaning products and energy use. Pair the Flipr device with other smart home technology to achieve full energy efficiency benefits.

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